Dolcett Academy Definitive Anthology [NOVEMBER 2023]

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A giant bundle of all comics and sets released from the beginning of Dolcett Academy, up to 1st November 2023. Dolcett Academy volumes 1 - 27 (so that includes both "Adventures" comics, and "My Dad's Ugly Hobby") , plus 8 supplementary comics (Including all three latest "Comic & Art Packs" ), plus 11 photosets, totalling to 47 content packs!

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A massive collection of works by Dolcett Academy's 3d artist Razer1911!. This gargantuan set consists of 28 comics from the main Dolcett Academy story, plus 19 supplementary sets and comics, giving a whopping of 47 sets to watch! 2068 comic pages, 3194 bonus pics and 922 photoset slides will keep you occupied for some time :) It's a great way to catch up with Dolcett Academy as new comics are gonna be coming and coming!

Comics 1-10 and Photosets 1-4 are now free, available here:

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Also, for previews of more recent comics, please grab this free pack:

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Previews & List Of Sets:

Main Comics:

Dolcett Academy Vol 1:

Dolcett Academy Vol 2:

Dolcett Academy Vol 3:

Dolcett Academy Vol 4:

Dolcett Academy Vol 5:

Dolcett Academy Vol 6:

Dolcett Academy Vol 7:

Dolcett Academy Vol 8:

Dolcett Academy Vol 9:

Dolcett Academy Vol 10:

Dolcett Academy Vol 11:

Dolcett Academy Vol 12:

Dolcett Academy Vol 13:

Dolcett Academy Vol 14:

Dolcett Academy Vol 15:

Dolcett Academy Vol 16:

Dolcett Academy Vol 17:

Dolcett Academy Vol 18:

Dolcett Academy Vol 19:

Dolcett Academy Vol 20:

Dolcett Academy Vol 21:

Dolcett Academy Vol 22:

Dolcett Academy Vol 23:

Dolcett Academy Vol 24:

Dolcett Academy Vol 25:

Dolcett Academy Vol 26 (Adventures #1):

Dolcett Academy Vol 27 (Adventures #2):

Dolcett Academy Origins #1:

Supplementary Comics:

Monthly Comic & Art Pack #1:

Monthly Comic & Art Pack #2:

Monthly Comic & Art Pack #3:

One-Off Comics #1:

One-Off Comics #2:

One-Off Comics #3:

One-Off Comics #4:

Dolcett Ideabox Comic:


Monthly Combo Set 1:

Monthly Combo Set 2:

Monthly Combo Set 3:

Monthly Combo Set 4:

Monthly Combo Set 5:

Monthly Combo Set 6:

4K Remastered Set: CLUB X:

Character Study: Sone Suzume:

Character Study: Alessia's Peril:

Custom Shop: Joanne's Roast:

Custom Shop: Emma's Roast:


  • 47 comics/sets, each one provided as both PDF and JPG, totalling to 2068 comic pages, 3194 bonus pics and 922 photoset slides


Dolcett/Gynophagia, Guro (All sorts, R-18G level), Asphyx, Shooting, Drowning, Bondage, Pee Play


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  • Approx. 20GB of free disk space (+space needed to unpack .zip)
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Dolcett Academy Definitive Anthology [NOVEMBER 2023]

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