Dolcett Academy (Vol. 26) ADVENTURES IN PERIL #1 - Paradise Landing

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Dolcett Academy (Vol. 26) ADVENTURES IN PERIL #1 - Paradise Landing

Dolcett Academy Comics (Razer1911)
7 ratings

There are 2 versions to choose - this comic only, or bundled with the last comic with a discount :) (The last comic being "Dolcett Academy Vol. 25")

Release Date: 21/10/2022

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Sup everyone!

The 3DCG tribal dolcett fantasy comic is out! Early access has been closed and the full thing is finished - thank you so much for your support and comments! Special thanks go to everyone who purchased the early access!

I made this comic in a fullscreen 16:9 format I haven't done since the "Dolcett Ideabox" set. I really like how it turned out, and who knows - maybe I'll experiment with even more cinematic formats like 1.85 : 1 in the future! As for now, please enjoy this 90-page comic along with almost 200 bonus 4K pics!

Pamela, Claudia, Ksenia and Merideth decided to take their eighteen year old daughters, nieces and cousins on a trip to the legendary Paradise Island, inhabited by many cannibalistic tribes. The island has always been the principal’s favorite spot for hazing the Academy’s newcomers. The Academy girls thought that if they show their beloved ones the everyday life of the Academy member, they will persuade the youngsters to join, so they can claim the reward of an additional respawning shard. Respawning shards are given to existing Academy members for recruiting freshmen… However, the Academy’s Board of Directors loved the young girls so much, they decided to fund the entire trip, along with video recording gear and multiple respawning shards for each expedition member. Footage from the expedition will be used as promotional materials for recruitment purposes.


  • 90-page comic available as PDF and separate JPG images
  • A mobile phone-friendly (under 50MB) PDF version
  • 194 bonus 4K scenes


  • Any application able to open .zip files
  • Any PDF reader, image reader of web browser capable of opening .PDF files
  • ~600MB disk space to download + space to unpack .zip file
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